Elements: A Movement in Paper
Eight paper sculptures
For the theme Minimalism: Removing the Unnecessary

Elements is a series of eight white paper sculptures that depict the eight basic elements in nature: heaven, river, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountain and earth. Elements is an exploration of the forms of these abstractions, using paper engineering, origami and mathematics to fulfill these intentions.

In both Western and Oriental beliefs, eight has sacred connotations, signifying luck, grace, and new beginnings. It is also a common number in the sciences and the arts. White connotes pristine beauty, and is the sum of all colors. Visually, without other hues to distract the eye, white lends an appreciation of form, and connotes simplicity and purity. Paper is one of the most basic materials; one of the first things we learn to write on.

The beauty of mathematics is that it can reduce complexities into a single equation. It is a universal language; it can be understood by any nationality. It is often described as elegant in its simplicity, because there is only one answer, despite different methods of reaching it. Equations that involve fractals, coordinate geometry, physics, etc., were used as references in the lines of investigation.

These sculptures are based on the eight trigrams of the I-Ching, using common forms found in nature (based on an exhibit on forms in CosmoCaixa Barcelona). The eight trigrams are heaven, river, fire, wind, water, mountain, and earth. The eight forms are helix, wave, hexagon, angle, spiral, catenary arch, fractal, sphere.

Heaven | Space-Time Continuum

River | Sine Waves

River | Sine Waves

Fire (Combustion of a hexagon, because carbon has an atomic number of 6)

Fire (Combustion of a hexagon, because carbon has an atomic number of 6)

Thunder | Angles

Wind | Spiral

Water | Catenary Arches

Mountain | Fractal

Earth | (Incomplete) Sphere


~ by DrawHappy on January 6, 2010.

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