Tesseract, Crystal, Brane

Blue Pill: Meditations of Consciousness

Series of three sculptures, dimensions variable
Beads on glass, canvas, and chicken wire

Zhuangzi ,
Who turned into a
Butterfly and was flying
In the garden
Morphed back into
The Chinese philosopher.
Seconds later, he wished himself
Back into the insect
And played happily
Among the flowers.
But his joy was short lived,
And he, soon after
Got caught
In a net.

The Butterfly Dream
Cài Ren, 700 BC

Tesseract (beads on canvas, 1 m by 1 m)

Generally, we agree that there is a dissonance between what we perceive versus what we actually see – are things like dreams, out-of-body experiences, déjà vu, and the like, figments of our imagination or actual metaphysical occurrences?

Blue Pill explores this notion of other dimensions, whether in dreams and in hidden dimensions or passages such as in physics. Three sculptures tell a story of entering another world. In the first, Tesseract interprets the beginning – the unravelling and the entering of another dimension. The second, Crystal, illustrates the actual otherworldly dimension in mathematical configurations.  The third, Brane, shows the end of a dream, when passages warp  and reach the end of a dimensional boundary.

Tesseract, detail

Crystal (beads on reclaimed glass, 1 m in diameter)

The center of Crystal are beads arranged in a Penrose tiling, which is a quasi-crystal arrangement that other dimensions are supposed to look like when projected in two dimensions. The outside is based on E8 symmetry. Ideally, it’s an ordered symmetry, but because the project deals with other dimensions, the beads are made to look as though they are crowding and almost overlapping each other, but from a distance seems to be in order.

Crystal, detail

Brane (beads on chicken wire, 1 m wide)

Brane, detail

The sculptures are created as a narrative — what it’s like to enter a new world or dimension and afterwards come out of it, hence the blank and beaded parts of the canvas in Tesseract, the ordered explosion of beads in Crystal, and the quiet flatlining of Brane.


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