About morphogatari

CS Young
Art and Science
b. 1983
Barcelona, Spain
E-mail morphogatari@gmail.com

morphogatari is a portmanteau of morpho, Greek for “to shape,” and monogatari, Japanese for ‘tale.’ This includes all my work that has manifested my belief in that arts and sciences should intersect and be cross-explored to elevate discourse about humanity’s questions.

I purposely created a word that does not have “art” or “science” in it, mainly because I am primarily a storyteller that uses these fields as languages for creative expression.  Morpho has several meanings: it refers to morpho butterflies, which have a personal significance for me, to Morpheus, the god of dreams, as well as “to morph” or “to change”, as my work continually evolves the more I learn about the world.  Hence, morphogatari is an ever-changing tale that takes from the diversity of fields that I have been involved in, fusing them together to create beautiful coherent stories that attempt to ask questions, if not answer them.


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